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SilverArmor® is an advanced, technological water based coating system that is specially designed for commercial buildings, residential, medical centers & hospitals, wellness centers & sport facilities, offices, food & drug manufacturing facilities, hotels, and many more. SilverArmor® is formulated with an EPA registered encapsulate.
It is made with the patented SilverClean® technology.  SilverArmor® is safe, natural, and sustainable. The encapsulate reduces mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria in the paint.
SilverArmor® is the first of its kind, combining the science and technology to invent, design, and manufacture a coating integrating advanced nanoparticles that provide permanent, safe, effective, and economical anti-microbial protection to the paint.

Keeping Walls Clean

Keeping Walls Clean

As the world continues its march to the use of advanced high tech in all aspects of our daily lives; paint and coatings have recently began a similar leap into the 21st century.

Introducing SilverArmor Paints and Coatings specifically developed for all living environments. SILVERARMOR® provides Nano Silver Antimicrobial Technology in the form of wall and surface coatings that keeps inanimate environments clean. Now for the first time, your facilities walls will provide continuous defense maintaining walls that self-clean releasing NanoScale Silver Ions that attack odor causing bacteria in the paint.

Available in over 1400 color combinations, SILVERARMOR® is an evolutionary step in KEEPING WALLS CLEAN.