SILVERARMOR Steelers Game Viewing Party

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SILVERARMOR Steelers Game Viewing Party

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We were extremely excited to host our first ever Steelers Game Viewing Party this past Sunday, November the 24th in Pittsburgh, PA. Our host, and co-founder of SILVERARMOR, Franco Harris, gave a talk on the power of our antimicrobial products and their ability to create cleaner walls, and a cleaner world. Guest Keith Sampson, CEO of SRP Environmental, shared some words about the remarkable microbial testing results that his company has found when using our products.





A variety of local contractors, painters, and environmental services workers were in attendance: learning about and discussing SILVERARMOR products and technology, as well as rooting for the Steelers during their game versus the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers repaid the favor, winning 16-10, much to the delight of some of the special guests in attendance: including formers Steelers stars Mel Blount, John Kolb, and J.T. Thomas (pictured below with Franco and some of our guests).





We are planning to host similar events in the future and look forward to having attendees new and old present. We hope to meet even more local business that we can work with. Keep an eye on our events page for future event announcements!


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